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About us:

I am a single mom traveling and experiencing life with my 2 sons (both adopted from China).  Our home-base is Fairbanks Alaska, but we have spent the last 3 winters traveling. The first winter, my sons were 7 and 8 and I bought them each a backpack, and we headed to Costa Rica. We ended spending almost 3 months in a small town on the Caribbean side (Puerto Viejo), with a couple weeks of travel around the country. The next winter, we started off visiting family in Miami, then we flew to Cancun where we meandered our way for 7 months and ended up in Panama. This past winter (2013-2014), we again started in Miami, to visit family, and then flew to Lima Peru and traveled around Peru and Ecuador for over 4 months.

All in all, we enjoy traveling, but the boys enjoy having a home-base in Fairbanks that we can come back to in the summers. Me personally, I could and would travel longer-term, but decided to listen to my sons and honor their request for a home-base.

2 thoughts on “About us:

  1. Dyanne@TravelnLass

    Hey there Joy – hope you and the boys are continuing to enjoy Ecuador.

    I was hoping to be able to somehow subscribe to your blog so I could follow along as you travel, but…

    Can’t find an RSS subscribe link anywhere on the site. Very curious as – I see you have a WordPress theme and generally those come automatically equipped with a bitty “atom” link at the bottom.

    Do look around in your WP interface, to see if you you somehow have it turned off, else you can somehow set up an RSS feed so I can be sure of getting any post updates in my Feedly reader.

    Safe travels,


    P.S. I think you have my TravelnLass card, but if not – you can contact me via travelnlass at gmail dot com.

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