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Cuenca canopy zipline, Make sure it’s open before you go

We decided to go to the Cuenca Canopy Zipline in Ricaurte, which is about 30 minutes from Cuenca. We took bus #100 (for 50 cents, kids are half price), and arrived in Ricaurte after a nice drive through Cuenca. Then negotiated a truck taxi to take us to the location (for 7 dollars). Well, we head out on a rough road (which is why most taxis are trucks). We get to the gate, and it’s closed. The driver spoke with the owners, and we found out it is only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, or by reservation. So, with some disappointment, we returned to Ricaurte, ate some potato chips, then returned to Cuenca by bus.

I had read several reviews on Trip Advisor and several posts on personal blogs, and NONE of them mentioned this closure. Needless to say, we were a bit disappointed.

But since people might want to see some photos, and since we have ziplined before in Arenal, Costa Rica, and Boquette, Panama, Here are a couple videos and photos. Enjoy.

Eli on the tarzan swing

Eli ziplining

Kai ziplining, this is the last run.

Here are a couple photos. Notice how long the boys hair is.IMG_0630




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