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How we saw the Statue of Liberty, for free

So, you are in New York City and one of the must sees of course is the State of Liberty. But did you know you have to have reservations to climb to the crown, and it’s expensive and you could be in line for hours, and now there is a security check point. There are 3 types of tickets one can purchase, Crown ticket (these are usually sold out up to 6 months in advance), Pedestal ticket, Ground Only ticket.

Well, we decided to see the Statue of Liberty The Free Way. Yep, just walk on over to the Staten Island Ferry Terminal (or get there by subway) and wait until the next ferry is boarding, get on, and be sure to be on the right side of the boat, and there she is: The Statue of Liberty.DSC09094

When you get to Staten Island, you have to get off the ferry, so you simply wait inside the terminal for the next returning ferry. It was very windy, so be sure to dress appropriately.

One thought on “How we saw the Statue of Liberty, for free

  1. Kai Chump Chumpier

    that is a nice picture for free! your posts are already saving me money! you are coolest MOM/Ma ever in my opinion. keep it up (cyber cheerleading)

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