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Huacachina, Peru: An oasis in the desert, and the best Dune Buggy ride ever

Huancachina is an oasis in the desert.DSC01065

“According to legend, a hunter caught a beautiful Incan princess walking in the sand dunes near present day Huacachina. As she walked and admired herself in a mirror she was carrying, her eyes caught his voyeuristic gaze. Shocked, the princess began to flee and dropped her mirror. It exploded into shards and the glass became a tiny pool in the desert, consuming the princess and turning her into a mermaid.”   (Source:

Another legend:   “Legend holds that the lagoon was created when a beautiful native princess was apprehended at her bath by a young hunter. She fled, leaving the pool of water she had been bathing in to become the lagoon. The folds of her mantle, streaming behind her as she ran, became the surrounding sand dunes. And the woman herself is rumored to still live in the oasis as a mermaid.”     (Source:

We arrived by bus to Ica (a town 5 minutes from Huacachina), then took a taxi to Huacachina to a hostel with a pool. After a walk around the oasis, we had pizza for dinner and a great swim in the pool.

The next day we had a relaxing morning and at 4pm, we headed out on our dune buggy tour. It’s recommend to take the afternoon tour so you can see the sunset over the dunes.DSC01061

We get in the dune buggy (with some others) and then we are off, heading up to the dunes.DSC01036

The driver takes on the bumpiest ride I have ever been on. Up and down and over the dunes. He would get to the crest of a dune, then go careening down the other side. We were all screaming with delight and excitement. Here is the boys reaction after the first part of the ride:

The driver drives around, then stops so we can take pictures, then drives so more, and then stops so we can sandboard. Eli opted to watch, but Kai and I tried it. We both decided to lay on our stomachs. It is awesome. Remember to hold on and keep your legs stretched out for balance.  Here’s Kai sandboarding; some runs are longer than this one.

More pictures from the trip.DSC01040





If you get to Huacachina, we highly recommend taking the dune buggy ride and try sandboarding.

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