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Ziplining in Banos, Ecuador

DSC01605We love to go ziplining. We have ziplined in Arenal, Costa Rica, and Boquette, Panama, and we have attempted to zipline in Cuenca, Ecuador. A couple days ago, we ziplined in Banos, Ecuador. Each experience is fun and different.

This zipline has only 6 lines (although we saw them putting in another cable, so maybe it will be 7 soon). This zipline tour also includes a bit of short hikes between some of the runs. It was nice to walk in the jungle, but BEWARE, there are tons of mosquitoes. Eli and I got many bites on our legs (still itching 4 days later). Another cool ‘thing’ is the opportunity of zipping not only in the ‘regular’ position, but also upside-down (which none of us did), or ‘Superman’ position, which Kai and I did. It was exhilarating.

The price is great at $20, including a taxi there and back to town. Be sure to check out the last picture below. The guide had to go hand over hand to ‘rescue’ Eli since he got stuck in the middle of the cable. Turns out, he doesn’t weigh enough to get all the way across, so he went with a guide for the remaining lines.DSC01631



DSC01622Rescuing Eli.


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